Friday, November 24, 2006

How boring :(

Just imagine, if "graphic design" gets banned or disappears overnight! How boring will be the newspapers, magazines, advertisements, internet and books etc.......

Your morning news paper.... no colourful adds!

Your Toothpaste.... where's the cool look?

Oh! What happened to this creative site...

Uncle Scrooge is ...... missssing!

GOD!! what's this.... your fav-chocolate?

Now...... what's this!!



ArindamSen said...

Its awesome!
Life without graphics design would be like a white butterfly.
Thanks to this pointer !

AnandAmPm said...

Life without graphics ?? Are you kiddin" me ??

I cant even imagine waking up one fine morning and finding my favorite newspaper without any graphics ! Google without its natural colors ? Dont even dare to say that to Brin and Page. :)

Life without graphics and most importantly, graphic designers, would be really dull and devoid of any charm and attraction.

Prabhat Kumar said...
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Ravi Shankar said...
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DeveloperMind said...

Life is full of color and without color life is like ... See even I am not able to think life without color.
Nice one to define color and importance of shapes in life. As god is graphics designer as he has created lots of graphics like raibow, lakes etc.

Abdul Azeem said...

Graphic free is clutter free .

Boleslav said...

wow that's great!
life without graphics! so i don't have to download all the useless bloat!
and i won't need to search for small texts hidden in meanigless gfx.

great, i want it now!