Sunday, January 20, 2008

my Sunday-flight of Fantasy

Yesterday, as usual was another busy Sunday of mine.
My full packed schedule had everything from a healthy sleep, full news paper read, a li'l beauty treat, kitchen experiment, bit of shopping-enjoyment...... Still I missed something :(
I questioned myself... is it a cozy afternoon nap?? No.. (was the reply)
Then what?
The sun started his journey towards a cozy sleep. But I was still missing my Sunday-mood.
My Mom came in....
"hey, are you free?" ( she was sure... still she wanted to hear it from me)
"Yeah Maa"
"Quickly color those birds, dear"
(Oh God.... Last month I scribbled some birds in my Mom's sari. Still I didn't color those")
"Yesss, why not!"
As if this was the task I was missing in my task list :) . No delay... my colors and art brushes were just waiting for me.
...The dinner time arrived. I was still busy painting. Maa said, "leave it now, its not so important"
But those 'color filled 2hrs' as if gave me the full Sunday refreshment.... my Sunday-flight of Fantasy :)


joyeeta said...

Surely a color-filled Sunday.:) You have reminded me of my paint brushes too. I too feel that I need a break from this hectic schedule of mine and take a ride to the world of color and imagination. Definitely, I'll dig out my colors and brushes and 'll spend a quality time with them next Sunday. :)

So sweet said...

I thought that you are a Good graphics designer... but now it has been proved that you are a good Painter too. I would like to see some more offline creations... :)

Rupsa said...

it goes without saying that the writing is good. but what astonished me were your paintings. and because i am so bad at these things myself, to me they are all the more beautiful!!!!!! i will someday give you my dupatta to paint something. just kidding! waiting to see more of such glimpses of your talents. love. rupsa

Anuradha Sen said...

hey,what should i say to this?graphic designer turned painter?jokes apart,your work is really cool....well done.i am thankfull to you as your work reminded me to complete a drawing.thanks buddy!!!

bandana said...

Upanishad says."Dwa Suparna" two birds, one static another moving towards the static one... Do u know the meaning... Actually two status of our mind one static.. another always moving.. Actualyy one and only one moving one wants to converge to the Static one....

Flying birds always reminds me that Sloka ..

Nice work Anindita


PULOMA MUKHERJEE said... kaun Chitrakar hai??
ani babe the birds r so lively & colful.....nw i think we will see a combintaion of graphic designer & fashion designer within u.....

Rita said...

Good post.