Thursday, August 6, 2009

She is sad

Yes, these days I have become very irregular with blogging. Neither did I wish my blog on her anniversary…


She got very upset… and jumped down Page rank ;)

But now I am back…

It was my usual irregular chat time. A pop up came out with a ‘Hi’. It was my ol’ friend and colleague. He was about to come up with his next sentence and I started my interrogation… ‘Why didn’t you come on my wedding?’ ‘What happened to you all?’…bla…bla….

But no defensive words from him… ‘This time I have an invitation for you!’…

Me- ‘Great! Who is she?’

Kolkata Blogger’s Meet!

CCD; RDB Adlabs Sector V,

Salt Lake City, Kolkata8th August, Saturday!

I was surprised! Is it the same thing we used to discuss almost a year ago...?!! I can’t believe! Finally it is happening in Kolkata!

‘Yes… This time we have done it! Are you coming?’

Definitely! I am really excited to be there this Saturday. I will be a new experience all through I am sure. And the add-on is meeting my friends after quite a long time.

You are also invited! See u @ Bloggers’ Meet!


Yogesh said...


Have added to my blog

the write-up & all the photographs of the Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2009.

Do take some time to visit and do not forget to put down your inputs for the same.

Regards & Love,
Yours ever in blogging,

Yogesh Goel

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