Thursday, May 17, 2007

Smart Logos

While designing any logo I try to follow some basic rules.
A logo is a symbol designed to represent a company, organization, product, service, or place etc. A good and effective Logo can be the identity of a company.

Some elements of logo designing-
  • Unique design
  • Designed with basic design principals (color, clarity, meaningful)
  • Representing the brand/company appropriately
  • Retain clarity in small or large size
  • Maintain integrity and quality different medias (no distortion)

Sometimes we come across some very famous logos but can’t make out any similarity with their brand names, services etc., isn’t it? Hey, if you do a little research, you’ll find that there is a nice history behind it! In my next post I promise to share few such interesting stories.
There are a number of company logos which I find very relevant with their services and products. The list is unlimited… here is only a handful of them.

...My all time favorite! A wonderful example of symmetry. See how the letters u and n are arranged.

...their punch line is.. “Inspiring People to Care About the Planet”. Every thing in this planet is framed by this simple yellow lines.

.... This logo says that has everything from a to z. Simple and relevant.

...The tick mark here serves as the letter v at the same time symbolizes genuinity.

...His Master’s Voice…One of the earliest logos. The logo made its debut in 1910.

...The Olympic logo designed in 1931, has five interlocking rings representing Five continents. Rings symbolizing the games.

...The State Bank of India- logo. How simply it shows the key-hole and symbolizes security.

...Most popular Windows. As the name goes it shows a window but with a style.

Thus Good Logo designing is Smart Marketing. Here you can find some new innovative and creative logos.


Nichole Great said...

Nice Article! I passed through another blog having an article about Most Creative Logos. Thought to share it with you guys

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Hi!! Good article.I want to share the following with you all:--
I think its helpful to design a logo.

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Thanks for sharing with me these nice links.

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I love your blog! Your eye for logos mirrors mine.

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Such a wonderful collection of logo designs very inspiring and creative.. Thanks for sharing this great list together..