Monday, June 18, 2007

Compelling Art

Today morning, while I was going through the headlines of the news paper in a hurry, I saw something which left me staring at it for the next five minutes. Yes, you can say that as I am from the creative field, I reacted to it in such a manner.... in that case I think you are not wrong.
Have a look at this ad of in the TOI. Its from the 'Bates David Enterprise' house. The punch line goes like this 'Unleash your true self at the all new'. And I must say, the illustration is so perfect with it. May be this is what they call compelling art in the ad-industry.


Ravi Shankar said...

i saw this sanp in paper .
imagination of creator is realy good . but i couldn't get it what is the use of this picture in add.

anindita said...

hi ravi, nice to see ur comment. U said good imagination.. then can u explain me wht made u say its good :).
Let me explain.. read the punch line again. Every man is different from within but the surrounding etc makes him wht he is now. Here they are saying if u use indiatimes u can find the new U. The illustration shows a person is getting a new avt as indiatimes is unzipping the old covering.