Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First Blog Anniversary

Wow, I just noticed that I've been blogging for one year!!

My Blog is Celebrating today its 1st Blogiversary ( blog anniversary )……. isn't it Great !

I remember I was assigned the task to make blog templates for our sites’ users. I made quite a few. They were good but something was disturbing me….. If I can make blog-templates can’t I manage a blog?

My anxiety made me register three blogs that day!!!!! Wordpress, blogsome, blogspot……… Just think……… I too wonder what was going on in my head.

Now comes the BIG problem….. blogs are registered… but content ???????…. or post ???????? Yeah, only question marks were there in my mind...

That morning one of my friends sent me a Good-morning-mail with a beautiful diamond studded rose picture. Without a second thought I used it in my 1st ever blog post. At least I could start it with a lucky charm .

I never tried to participate in the ‘blog game’. Didn’t even cared much about its ranking, search engine optimization or number of posts… generally my posts drop-in on the eve of some festivals. That’s a reason some of my friends have named it a ‘Festival blog’… Thanks, this name has balanced my ‘irregular-blogger’ tag…. Hee-hee. Sometimes I even thought of deleting it… as I could not give it a quality time.

A few months ago I started my own website. Generally people shift their blog to their own domain. I was also thinking the same. Just then Google gave my blog a PR-3. Thus I kept stuck to “me-anindita.blogspot.com” !!

Hey…..a LOT of negatives things, isn’t it?? That’s why I never imagined I’d keep it going for one year, (sounds to little?) ok let me put it this way … for 3-6-5 days!!! Still nothing to be so happy (you may say)…. But, I-am-happy !!

There is a lot to learn also from this short span of blogging experience. The thing I want to give my blog… still I can’t is ‘time’… On all happy moments we promise something to ourselves. And this time I promise ‘time’ to my blog though I've got bigger fish to fry.

I thank each and every one of you who have come by my blog to comment or just hang around. Happy first Blogiversary to me-(anindita.blogspot.com)!


Prabhat Kumar said...

congratulations, today is a special day its your 1st blog anniversary.

I wish this blog have thousands of post , lakhs of comments & millions of visitors.

Admilson said...

Hi Ani,

Happy Blogiversary to you. I have just read the whole post and found that you writing skill is not bad. If you try you can be a content writer also.

It is very good for you that you have learnt so many things while blogging. And u should give thanks to google also as google inspired you to hang in with this blog.

You won't have to give much time. Just make two post in a week and you will see after next PR update you have got pr4 for your blog. Keep up the good work keep posting innovative and creative post.

Best of luck to you.Hope next year also you will celebrate 2nd anniversary of your blog.

Anand said...

Congratulations! Its great to see your blog completing a year. I am sure we would get to see many more posts in the days ahead.

Keep blogging! :)


susenjit said...

here is the candle

please illuminate it :)

anindita said...

Thanks to all.... well there's no plan to try content, admilson. But thanks for your encouraging words.
That candle is awesome... I really liked it susenjit da :)

Subikar said...

Wow one year blog anniversary and good post. :)

ChitraBhanu said...

Happy Anniversary,
Happy Blogiversary..

"Enjoyed this BLISSFUL Journey"

joyeeta said...


'BLOGOVERSARY'....hmm. I think you have just coined a new term. Next year you probably will celebrate the 'Termoversary' along with. :)

100pixel said...

Do you still have so many questions about blogging after 3-6-5-d-a-y-s!
Happy blogoversary :)

Priyanka said...

My best wishes on the commencement of the Anniversary.... Looking ahead for more creative output ....

Luv and take care {of your brain :)}

sekhar said...

The best part is that you could remember the anniversary date of your blog...that certainly implies that how passionate you are in the blogging. We all use to forget the dates :) keep it up.
More interesting posts along with great works we all would like to see from you.


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pinaki said...

it has been one of the most amazing achivements.i wish you continue these way for the rest of your life.
best of luck.

Saikat Sengupta said...

Congratulations! The cake looks yummy! Why don't you give us a treat? I would present your blog with a nice gift in form of link or a guest post - whatever you want. But the treat is compulsory!

Abbie said...

When will u bring a cake for us..

Abbie said...

Original cake.. :)