Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas look to your Logo

Hi friends! Its Christmas time now. All are busy with their last minute shopping!
‘Sweet-Homes’ are looking gorgeous and dazzling with colorful lights. Special Christmas menu is ready with the recipes. No need to worry about the new clothes…. May be some are thinking of buying a new wardrobe!! ;)

Hold…. did we miss anything? Think………

Yesssss. Our sites are still left with their regular-serious look. That’s not fair. We should think of a good gift for our dear friend! How about giving it a new look this Christmas? A Special Christmas Look? ….. not a bad idea.

Don’t worry. No need to run behind any designer. You can do it yourself.
You may ask: ...How? By ‘copy-pasting’ from a free image site?

I would say: No, You can do it. Here is a much easier way out. You need to have a little knowledge of Photoshop only.

Say for example this is your logo :-

Open the logo image file in Photoshop. Select the ‘ Custom Shape Tool > Snow flake ’ and draw some snow flakes…here and there.

Open an image of a bright Christmas hat / Santa hat. Cut the hat with pen tool and place it over your logo.

Select the Brush tool > Soft brush > Select white color > draw some snow in the ground just near the foot of your logo.

This gives your logo a festive look…. But if you want more….

You can try out something crazy… as I did here :)

…. And your Christmas Special logo is ready!!


Kinkini said...

I cannot wait till I implement this idea in my blog. This is new to me and ofcourse very interesting.

Do come up with more ideas :) I would be glad to learn.

So sweet said...

What a tutorial.. I like it. But before I implement it in my site I need to know little bit abt Photoshop..

So sweet said...

BTW why your blog still in "regular-serious look."

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emily said...

You have made a great post.Such posts are informative enough for non tech people like me.Looking forward for more posts like this.
Merry Christmas.

anindita said...

hi 'so sweet',
.... My blog is now happy with its festive-look! :)

So sweet said...

Great.. now it is looks good with festival color. :)Great work color queen.

Rupsa said...

hey, your tutorial for creating a customised logo is really good. i have'nt tried it myself, but the sheer kook of it looks great!!! keep it up and do keep teaching us such beautiful things. take care! ............ Rupsa.

Rupsa said...
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saha1919 said...

Yes, thats the way a designer could become a teacher Lol :)
Just kidding. Good work. Carry on.
And layman like me can try to implement the small techniques to our blog :) Looking forward towards more tricks. said...

Hehe, very nice and easy tutorial. I should add this on and, but is litle to late :(.