Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bytes versus Papers

We all love Greeting cards! They bring us messages wrapped up with shades of sentiments, spirits & feelings. Whether a paper greeting or an e-greeting, they always own a space in our hearts.

I had a habit of stocking up all the greeting cards I received since childhood. Each year more 20-25 cards got added up to my collection (500approx in total). My school friends used to envy my stock (it was a fun time!). But for the last 4-5 years I received a half as many cards that year as last year. Whereas my inbox was getting flooded with e-cards each time.

I noticed my card-collection was not multiplying at the same rate. I used to get angry on my friends/well-wishers…. Why are all sending me e-greetings???? Time changed my habit too; I too started wishing my friends with e-cards.

Earlier we were used to paper greetings. Now it’s the supremacy of E-greetings. Does this mean that paper greetings have lost their battle against the e-greetings? Well, there are some good reasons why they have become more acceptable to this fast changing techy-world.

We prefer online cards because:
These are free, fast, no time loss for buying and mailing, no mailing or courier charges, wide variety of collection. Our life style is fast changing and with the rise of the internet, e-greeting cards are everywhere accessible now.

Many of us still like paper greetings:
They can be preserved. My grandma will always love to get one paper-card rather than an e-card. Penning down those warm words on that paper gives us immense joy. Paper cards can be preserved.

My habit has changed now. The ease and promptness of online cards have made me use them on regular basis. But the collection I stocked since childhood is now an asset to me. When I see those cards and read those words inside it gives me such a warm nostalgic pleasure. The feeling of joy is simply much more than those cards in my inbox.

Bytes may be the apparent winner but Papers will always rule our hearts.
What's your say?


Kinkini said...

Its a treat to watch so many cards turning the room colorful. Match box collection, marble collection, stamp collection, coin collection...I have seen these for sure but I have not seen such a huge card collection as you have. 500 is a huge one :). I had managed 150 but then........I think I am no so popular. :D

Saikat Sengupta said...

Great post Anindita. I can recall one reputed bank in India has requested their customers to 'Go Green' by opting e-statement and e-banking facilities as lots of papers (read trees) would be saved that way.

anindita said...

"Its a treat to watch so many cards.." You are right Kinkini. These cards take me down the memory lane every time. Almost each one of those has a sweet unforgettable story embedded in it.

anindita said...

Thanks for your comment saikat da. Well, thats a very honest step from the bank's side. As e-card are growing more popular these days, in a way we are saving papers/trees by avoiding the paper cards.

frank de said...

Ecards have won over paper cards. You have a good collection.

Anonymous said...

While online greeting cards are easer and faster to send most of my family still prefers paper cards. I do also think there's something to be said for a paper letter to read that can be saved. Most importantly are the christmas greeting cards, which are sometimes the only way to keep in touch with some old friends. Sometimes they don’t have an email address to send to.