Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Go Green and Stay Green

Here is the Earth Week, Monday to Friday, April 21-25' 2008. All of a sudden we have become so much concerned about our beautiful earth. It's good. But how many of us have promised to keep this concern intact life long?

We celebrate Christmas on every 25th of Dec, but do we forget to join our hands or offering our prayers before Jesus everyday? No, thats because we have given our Lord a special corner in our hearts. Why can't we do the same for our Mother Earth?

Mother Earth doesn't demand much. If each individual do our part even in the tiniest possible way that will result to a big step from us. I don't have any garden. I could only plant a few plants in my balcony. But there are a few things which I do follow and I am happy that I am trying atleast to do my part. Something like:
  • Avoiding extra usage of water
  • Throwing garbages on specific bins (recycle purpose)
  • Writing on both sides of any sheet
  • Spreading environment awareness among my students
  • buying recycled products (like note copies, cards etc)
  • Avoiding plastic carry bags
  • Avoiding wastage of food
  • Saving electricity when possible etc..

green earth
Everything is not in my hand but the little things I can do I try to do those. We should remember--- We all can save our Earth... we all can save our Future.


Joyeeta said...

The tips that you have mentioned in the post are very easy to follow...
reducing the usage of plastic
use recycled products
....such and such

We can easily practice all these small things in our daily life to make it better, but the main problem is that we simply won't. It's very difficult to teach a man who is not ready for the wisdom. Otherwise, why on earth America would have denied to sign the Kyoto protocol when they produce the largest amount of pollutant??

Priyanka said...

It is a wonderful an an informative article.

What I liked was that is descriptive n simple to understand.

Keep it up !!!

Miss said...
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Miss said...

A wonderful way to spread awarness across the world . We should all step up & do something in order to save our Mother Earth . Well done Ani . Keep up your excellent work . ~ Anindita Mazumder


Wat a gud thght....I really appreciate ur thinkin & ur excellent wrk......If we cn able 2 think in dis way & save our earth den it will b btr 4 us only....It will hlp us 2 live in a btr wrld where the word GLOBAL WARMING will b vanished 4vr.......

anindita said...

"It's very difficult to teach a man who is not ready for the wisdom..."
Yes Joyeeta you pointed out a very important issue.
Thats why the initiative should come from the individuals. Friends, few things are still in our hands. Why don't we utilize them.

Anuradha Sen said...

What a nice thought !!! Today we all have to work together..hand in hand to save our dear earth for our own existence. we have to show our future generation that we care.Thanks for spreding the thought....lets come together to save our beautiful earth.what say?

Rupsa said...

Good to read about your concern for Mother Earth. Hope we can all think like you.

Vasudha said...

a gr8 thought ani!!

m with u in doing our own little bit for the earth...n u r a way ahead in reminding us when we forget...thanks buddy...cheers...