Tuesday, July 1, 2008

5 points- site design

Any site design is incomplete without a proper usability thought. Site usablity is some thing which every designer or site owner is concerned with in recent times. There was a time when site designers and developers were not much aware of the advantages of the term 'usability'.

'5 points- site design' may sound like an incomplete article. Well, I feel usablity is something which will differ for different user groups. These 5 points are some basic ones which are needful for any designer designing any site, for any product, for any user.

1. Important contents within the first screen
2. Fast loadable page, else the user will move to the next similar site
3. Distinct hyperlinks with prominent visible colors.
4. Homepage should be the starting point of your site.
5. no frames, no pop ups as these things detest the users.

We'll discuss these one by one in my coming posts...


so sweet said...

Nice post indeed, I search daily on internet for good web design tips but never found any good tutorial. Now I feel when you complete above 5 points then your blog will be one of the best web design tutorial blog. :) Keep up the good work. Waiting for the next post.
All the best! :)

tifo said...

Usability is a vast subject. Do you think every site should think about it??

Anonymous said...

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saha1919 said...

Good...keep on sharing the things. Best luck.