Saturday, July 26, 2008

5 points- Web design (1)

1) Home page

Survey says out of all the web pages existing in the world only 0.4% of pages are visited by the users. To make your home page count within this 0.4% is tough. More tough is to retain this position for long.
The home page is usually the most visited page of your site. Its always smart to keep the visitors engaged here.
  • Most important content or the first thing you want to place infront of your visitors should always get a prominent place in your site.

  • Keep the language as simple as possible. The content matter should be fresh and nicely formatted.

  • Try to keep site's intro text within 20 words . Most visitors read this much only on any home page, the Web design guru Jakob Nielsen says here.

  • Get a clear idea of your target audience and how to sustain their interest on your page.

  • Studies say that in an average a minimum of 5 lines are read by the viewers. Important things which we want the viewers to explore should be linked or mentioned within the vertical space of 800px from top. This may vary to some extent as computer screens are available in wide range of dimensions these days.

  • Do not make the page overloaded with your content. Its here where your designing skill is required.

  • Try and follow some studies on the 'viewing patterns' of the net users. Here is a good article form Useit.

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