Wednesday, September 3, 2008

8 ways to get marked

Marking your name on the web is useful. All you need to do is do what you are doing but in a focused way. Building ones identity makes you more reliable to your customers, fetches you more work and brings you recognition. Of course, first you need to be good at your work. These points can only bring you recognition, its your work which will retain it.

Here are 8 easy ways for designers to mark their name on the web:
  1. Blogging- Blogs are available free from Google, Wordpress etc and many paid ones like Typepad etc. Create a blog and do regular posts. Not necessarily textual post, it can be one of your pass time sketch, vector etc. Get comments and discuss on your piece of work.

  2. Forum participation- Google to get some interesting and well-known sites which allow free forum participation. Here are a few- designerstalk, Graphicdesignforum, Webdesignerforum etc. Register with your original name if possible. People come here for design related problems, new technologies, design techniques etc. Participating these forums can be of great fun. You can even showcase your work and get good feedback.

  3. Commenting- Without any doubt I can say that you visit quite many blogs or sites every day. Can you recall when you last commented on any post? This is something we often forget to do. Adding a simple comment with your real name and your site link preferably can make you popular. More people read it, more is your name is marked.

  4. Tutorials- If you come out with some good experiment, pen down that in your blog. Good articles can be bookmarked, digged etc by others.

  5. Free Graphics- You can make free gif animation, wallpaper, avatars, blog headers etc and post them in your blog/site for public use. If your works are really cool then your visitors will remember your site for sure till they need it again.

  6. Portfolio- You can create your portfolio and put it up on your personal blog/site. Else you can get many websites which provide spaces for any user’s portfolio. Maintaining an updated portfolio is very important for all these days. Sites like Designdirectory etc are helpful.

  7. Social networking- This is quite popular already among all in facebook, Hi5, Orkut, Myspace etc. Several groups created by users in the social networking sites every day. People get invitation, join and view the art pieces, thus the group owner becomes popular.

  8. Others- You can even upload your works in flickr, youtube, Picassaweb etc. Popularize your name by registering under design directories like Dexigner, Designdirectory etc.


Shimul at Utsav Live said...

Thank u for the tips and useful resources...
Your tips are too good and too practical. Will help me a lot in the near future.
Here I want to mention one more tips, that is :-
Social Bookmark - Try to make blogpost with your graphic design sample and use social bookmarking sevices like digg and stumbleupon for your blog post.
One more thing is give some free services like free template and free icon for the visitors then they will return back. They will also spread your blog and your blog will become more popular.

Anonymous said...

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